Cyberthreats: You’re Not as Safe as You Think

With cyberattacks on the rise, many IT departments are scrambling to secure their networks from known attacks and imminent threats.

For large enterprises, the solution is simple: invest in skilled cybersecurity experts. But what about small and medium sized businesses that rely on a lean IT team to manage their security infrastructure? Just because your team doesn’t possess the same level of security expertise as a large enterprise doesn’t mean your security posture should suffer.

Learn how our security operations center (SOC)-as-a-service offering can help identify and protect against known and emerging threats. We provide security solutions for Microsoft 365, AWS and Microsoft Azure.

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Microsoft 365

Our SOC detects and responds to advanced threats targeting your Microsoft 365 SaaS application and helps you comply with regulatory mandates like PCI, HIPAA, and
SOX. It also provides visibility into the utilization of your Microsoft 365 service to detect malicious activity.


VectorUSA provides comprehensive  visibility into your Amazon Web Services (AWS) resources and the security expertise you need to rapidly detect and respond to threats across your on-premises and AWS cloud  deployments.


Microsoft Azure

Gain visibility into attacks that target your Azure Cloud Environment. It has the ability to detect administrative actions and user activity in Azure, as well as suspicious activity related to the cyberattack vectors using Azure Security Center. 


Arctic Wolf 2020 Security Operations Annual Report

This inaugural report quantifies the security operations trends and themes currently shaping our security world. Gathered by data from the Arctic Wolf Platform, along with real-world customer experiences, you will find key security operations findings and insights drawn directly from the environments we’ve protected.


Checklist for Outsourcing Your Security Operations Center

To help organizations make smart security decisions, we’ve created the following checklist to guide the search for a managed Security Operations Center.

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